about me

This is I, “Anna Stefanie”, born in 1978. I married at age 19 and have two beautiful children to complete our family and make life interesting. 

Since early childhood, I've been an artist, who loved to draw and paint. As a teenager, I discovered photography and began to "draw with light". I spent a majority of free time developing film and photos in the darkroom at school. Here, I received my first awards for portraiture and photography.

I founded ANGEL Photography in 2006 and quickly realized my talent for working with little ones. Therefore, I specialize in newborn, babies & children portraiture

Since newborn portraiture was still new in Europe, I was one of the first photographers in Germany to work in this area as a specialty.

why choose me

For my newborn portraiture, I received “International Photographer of High Performance” in 2012 & 2016 as well as "International Photographer of High Quality" in 2015.

As the first photographer to receive such awards, “Anna Stefanie” will capture your first family art portraits personally.

Your first portraits as a family are a precious life experience in which "Anna Stefanie" stands behind an emotional, modern & timeless style that last a lifetime, combined with high quality fine art products to display for you and your family for generations to love and enjoy.

International Photographic Qualifications - IPQ - are photographic qualifications for professional photographers in portrait and wedding photography. 

Attending photographers present a panel of 15 images examined by internationally renowned photographers, whom decide if images meet international quality.